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A Powerfully Simple Path to Better CXM


Customer Experience (CX) is the sum of your customer’s experience with your brand. It’s not a snapshot, it’s the Customer Journey in its entirety.

As such, it can be difficult to capture the true voice of customer with traditional tools such as surveys or feedback forms.




Beyond Surveys


Survey is old method-IdeaCarrot

While many CX platforms offer various forms of surveys, customers don’t particularly like to do them.

Other platforms offer text analytics based on a few predetermined keywords. This too fails to provide deep understanding or create an emotional connection with your customer.

And if there is one thing we have learned in recent years as endless consumer options emerge, it’s that brand loyalty cannot be taken for granted.




Give Your Customer A Carrot!

IdeaCarrot Customer Experience Campaign


At IdeaCarrot, we took the approach that a customer’s feedback is valuable. It’s worth something, so customers should be rewarded for good ideas. They essentially need a carrot.

IdeaCarrot is a true voice of customer (VoC) platform for understanding CX and drivers of loyalty at each touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

The data we collect is more effective, timely and relevant than existing survey or text analytics. With IdeaCarrot’s real-time source of valuable insights, you can understand why a customer thinks, feels or acts in a particular way.



How Do We Achieve This?

By placing customers and their expectations at the heart of the innovation process.




Quality Incentivized Responses

As an incentive-based platform, customers are less likely to rush responses. We encourage participants to think, understand how they feel about their experience, and come up with ideas for improvement. And if the solution is good, they get rewarded.



True Voice of the Customer

It’s possible to capture data at points along the customer journey via real-time customer interactions, describing what they want, need, and why they do what they do, rather than rely on a customer’s recollection at a later date.



Innovative Collection

We simultaneously gather text descriptions (of what your customer needs, wants and expects) for you to analyze, along with actual customer ideas and solutions to problems.



Real-Time Data

By capturing issue-specific complaints and delivering these communications to the right people within your organization, we enable you to quickly solve issues in real-time.


In-Dept customer journey-Ideacarrot

In-Depth Details of the Customer Journey

We capture great detail within feedback categories. Drill deeper than simply “in-store” experience and understand customer experiences for “store appearance,” “customer service” and “product variety”.


Data point for customer experience -IdeaCarrot

Capture Data Points

If, for example, 50 overall customer experience ideas are about checkout lines, that’s a relevant data point.  We categorize data to pinpoint areas that require your attention.



Utilize Data For:

Gain customer Insight -IdeaCarrot 

Customer CX Insight

The time has passed when fighting off competition with just the best product or price is enough. The battleground today is CX. The brand who understands what their customer wants, wins.


Capture customer experience -IdeaCarrot

Bug Prevention

Help identify potential bugs in a new release before it becomes a major issue—saving both time and money.


Gain insight into Competition-IdeaCarrot

Competitor Insight

Tap into countless customer voices to understand which of your competitor’s products or services are the most popular, and also which draw the most complaints.


Validation different ideas-IdeaCarrot

Idea Validation 

Have you received multiple innovative ideas from our CX platform and want to know which idea is better received by customers? It’s simple to present a contest for customers to vote.


Identify new Trends-IdeaCarrot

Identify New Trends

Responses from different sectors or regions can be analyzed to show where you are getting things right or wrong based on cultural differences, lifestyle differences or other variables. You’ll better cater to the needs and wants of customers from all walks of life. Remember, designing customer experience for seniors is just as important as designing for Gen Z.


Start Asking the Right Questions

Contact us today to find out how IdeaCarrot can help you deliver great customer experience with quality data to reflect true VoC.

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