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What We Do

For Companies:

A 360 Degree CX Solution

IdeaCarrot is an invite-only platform which brings together behavioral data, customer insights and marketing technology to better understand and optimize each step of the customer journey.

We simultaneously gather quality experience data and innovative solutions to provide you deep understanding of why a customer thinks, feels or acts in a particular way. Try it today for FREE!

For Consumers:

Your Experience Is Valuable

Had a great customer experience, or have you been through a bad one?

Offering feedback on that experience through IdeaCarrot is the new, surefire way of making sure companies get to hear your opinion and have the opportunity to improve their product or service.

Did we mention there might be a reward?




Voice of Customer VoC Voice of Employee VoE IDEACARROT

Utilize our tools for insight or validation on specific CX projects or “campaigns” or direct all customer feedback via your own IdeaCarrot page to avoid feedback silos within your business.

• Voice of Customer (VoC): You’ll gather real-time CX intelligence and innovative solutions, simultaneously.

• Voice of Employee (VoE): You’ll keep the entire company focused on discovering internal issues with customer touchpoints.

• Customer Journey: You’ll discover new ways to create memorable experiences across the customer journey.

• Trends: You’ll find areas where customers’ needs are not currently met and be presented with new business opportunities.

• ROI: You’ll save time and money by significantly reducing both the cost and risk of innovation.

Your CXM process will be more nimble and you’ll quickly develop the right strategies to meet your customers’ expectations.

You’re a…

 Brand Manager

… who wants to drive brand loyalty by delivering personalized customer experiences


… who wants to understand of your customers, hit the ground running with outstanding CX—and stand out in a crowded marketplace

Sales Manager

… who desires to increase sales by identifying key touchpoints and new opportunities

Customer Service Department Manager

… who need timely feedback to solve complaints quickly and improve overall customer experience


Your First Customer Experience Campaign Is on Us!

IdeaCarrot invite you to try out our revolutionary CX platform for FREE.

 ·         A real-time solution you can implement immediately to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

 ·         New ways to maximize revenue and create a differentiated brand experience.

 ·         Best of all it's FREE.

 Contact us today to get started.



How It Works

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